Friday, 7 December 2012

The woes of blogging with iPhone.

Ever since my town copped a massive storm a few weeks ago, our home office has been torn apart, waiting for the arrival of new carpet. This means no computer. This means, all my blog posts are being done on my iPhone or in quick two minute snatches while I'm at my boyfriends house. This means that they're definitely not up to their usual standard and for that, I deeply apologise!

Not having a computer is practically killing me! I hate doing things on the small screen of my iPhone and I hate not being able to properly edit blog posts and photos! I can't put in links, I can't arrange where I want the photos to go, I can't even put tags on my posts because my iPhone won't publish them if I do and it's driving me mental!

Please grin and bear with me until I get my computer back! It shouldn't be much more than a week now until our office has carpet and normal life (and blogging) is restored. In the meantime, in sorry you have to put up with these not-quite complete blog posts and I'll have to think of some killer post ideas to make up for it when my computer is back up and running!

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