Monday, 3 February 2014

Grilled Cheese Cook Off with Sam from Planet bake Life

Hello lovely readers! Today is a very special day for this little blog. You see, today is the day that Sam from Planet Bake Life has invited me to take part in an awesome Grilled Cheese Cook-Off. The idea behind it is that we each make a grilled cheese, filling it with what we think is the most delicious filling in the world, and post it on our blog. Then, next week we will test out each other's sandwiches to see for ourselves just how delicious it is!

Sam is a recent and very good blog friend of mine who was born in South Africa, lived in the UK for nine years and now resides in New Zealand where she and her dad own a takeaway shop with an artisan bakery attached. This makes her one of my geographically closest bloggy pals and we are still a whole country away! Who will win the title of Most Delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Who knows?  Sam is probably at a slight advantage being a baker and all. Anyway, here is what I came up with for my sandwich. I might be biased, but I think it's going to be pretty hard to top!

 Grilled cheese sandwich with honey mustard seasoned shaved turkey, cranberry sauce (on both slices of bread) and camembert cheese! Mmmmm, melty, cheesy, sweet-yet-savoury goodness!

Now, pop on over to Sam's blog to see what she cooked up for the challenge and pop back next Monday to see what I thought of her creation!

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