Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Madame Flavour Tea Review

My tea obsession is getting a little ridiculous. As it stands, I currently have 9 varieties of tea bags and one packet of loose leaf tea in rotation for my daily cuppas and the flavour combinations I am trying are getting more and more far out with every purchase. I'm currently browsing Bluebird Tea Co.  for some new loose leaf flavour combinations, as I do much prefer a pot of loose leaf when I have the leisure to the quick, on the go teabag-shoved-into-a-mug-dealio. Unfortunately, the quick, on the go teabag-shoved-into-a-mug-dealio is a much more frequent occurrence in my life than kicking back with a pot of tea, so no matter how much I might love Bluebird's brews when I get my hands on them, tea bags are still going to be a staple in my cupboard, and I will continue, no doubt to search for the perfect ones. 

Usually, as far as teabags go, I'm a Twinings girl through and through, but after stumbling upon the beautiful packaging of Madame Flavour's brews I just had to give her a whirl. I was drawn to the Raspberry and Hibiscus Tisane while Madame Flavour's brews were on special in my local supermarket due to the colourful, floral look of the tea as depicted on the front of the box (and admittedly, the fact the box is pink). I had been after a floral, fruity-toned, sweet tea to enjoy, as we don't often buy milk in our house (Jake prefers soy to full cream and I'm not a big milk drinker) and wondered, could this be the perfect brew?

Well, I was not disappointed! Following the directions on the box, I planned on brewing the tisane for a full three minutes, as recommended, but ended up taking the teabag out after just one after seeing the rich, pinkish colour of the brew and inhaling a sweet and heavy aroma. The tea tasted beautifully rich and sweet. The floral tones of the hibiscus shone nicely through the heavier, raspberry flavour and I have found each cup I have had a delectably moreish experience. I normally enjoy two sugars in my tea, but this tisane calls for only one half in my cup. I think the sweetness of this tisane might not be for everyone, but I quite enjoy it when I'm in the mood and am looking forward to trying some more of Madame Flavour's brews.

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